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NOBCChE is run entirely by volunteers. Our Officers, Board members, Chapter leaders and National Committee leaders are all full-time professionals who run NOBCChE on a volunteer basis. We coordinate our efforts through regular meetings, teleconferences, as well as on a secured webpage.


Executive Board of Directors

The NOBCChE Executive Board consists of eight Executive Committee Members, five Administrative Officers, and five Regional Chairpersons, and one student member who will be appointed and announced by the Executive Board during the Annual Meeting. They (with the exception of the student member) must be Regular Members of the Organization. The Executive Board is responsible to the Organization. The subcommittees of the executive board include budget and finance, audit, constitution and by-laws, nominations and elections, and awards.

Executive Committee Resources
*To access the minutes of the executive board, you must be logged in as a member and your membership dues must be current for the year.


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National Conference Planning Committee (NPC)
The role of the NOBCChE National Planning committee is to coordinate the scheduling of the Annual Meeting of the Organization. The composition of the Committee is open to any member of the Organization. The President will appoint the chair of the National Planning committee upon confirmation by the Executive Board. This committee operates through the following subcommittees: Technical program, Printed Material, Site Selection, Workshops/Symposia, Site Logistics, Speakers, Public Relations, Awards, Science Bowl, Business Development, Health Forum, and Teacher’s Workshop committees.

Membership and Membership Services Committee
The role of the NOBCChE membership committee is to develop and implement strategies to recruit new members and retain current members as it relates to increasing NOBCChE’s membership base. The composition of the Committee is intended to reflect as broadly as possible the makeup of the entire membership. The committee shall be comprised of at least five (5) members.