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          Scholarships and Grants

Below are the scholarships currently being offered by NOBCChE and our partners:

SLAS-NOBCChE Scholarship

For more information visit SLAS-NOBCChE Scholarship.

At, we believe higher education should be accessible to all students, regardless of their financial background. We've made it our mission to make college affordable for everyone by fighting student debt so every student can afford to pursue their dreams.

We'd love to receive applications for these scholarships from NOBCCHE students!

You can find the full list of undergraduate scholarships here.

The Breanden Beneschott Grant for Chemical Engineers

The Breanden Beneschott Grant for Chemical Engineers was created to support ambitious students who will use the rigors of a Chemical Engineering education to achieve great things in whichever career path they choose. Students do not have to work as Chemical Engineers to be eligible, and all GPAs will be considered.  For more information click here

Canada Working Parent College Scholarship Program

Are you a parent trying to balance work while attending university or some other higher learning institution? would like to announce our plan to help our users succeed in the workforce: a college scholarship awarded once per year designed to benefit working parents in Canada who are pursuing post-secondary education.  Since 2014 we have awarded $6,000 in scholarships.  Here is the link where you can find information on how to apply for the scholarship, and check out the essays and statements from our previous winners.

NOBCChE National Conference Student Travel Grant

Full-time students who are interested in attending the NOBCChE National Conference may apply for a travel grant to cover registration fees and hotel.  Additional Details can be found on the Registration page of the website.


NOBCChE is looking to expand programming and resources over time that will benefit our STEM community at all levels, from K-12 through professional. Your suggestions are welcome.  Please, contact us with any ideas for programs you would like to see implemented.