NOBCChE Resources


NOBCChE currently offers the resources below.  These pages can also be accessed from the Main Navigation Bar.

Career Center:  Find job and internship listings here.  If you are interested in posting a job or internship, please visit the Corporate/Academic Partners page of our website.

NOBCChE Perks:  Take a peek at some of the perks that are available to our members, or login to your My NOBCChE Perks account.

Scholarships:  View available STEM scholarships for the conference and those from our academic and corporate partners.  If you have a scholarship that you would like to promote, please contact us at [email protected]

College Central:  Visit this link to find resources for STEM college and university students.

K-12 Resources:  Visit this link to find resources for kids, parents and teachers.

NOBCChE is looking to expand programing and resources over time that will benefit our STEM community at all levels, from K-12 through professional. Your suggestions are welcome.  Please, contact us with any ideas for programs you would like to see implemented.