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Corporate Openings    

        Scientist, Small Molecule Process Chemistry (10.25) Click here

        Scientific Researcher/Senior Scientific Research, Small Molecule Process Chemistry (10.25) Click here

       Associate Scientist/Scientist, Small Molecule Analytical Chemistry (10.22) Click here

       Associate Scientist/Scientist, DMPK (10.22) Click here

      Scientist/Sr. Scientist, Small Molecule Analytical Chemistry (10.22) Click here

     Senior Scientific Researcher, Lipidomics (10.22) Click here

    Associate Director, Drug Discovery Outsourcing (10.22) Click here

   Postdoctoral Program (10.22) Click here

     Postdoctorate Materials Scientist or Chemist (10.22) Click here

    Senior Scientist, Process Chemistry (11.14) Click here

    Lead Scientist 1, Quality Assurance (10.11) Click here

    Sr Advanced R&D Engineer/Scientist (10.11) Click here   Apply heregoodyear.pdf

    Scientist 1, Quality Assurance (10.6) Click here  

    Data Scientist Machine Learning Specialist (10.6) Click here  Apply here

   Senior Scientist, Chemical Biology (11.6) Click here

     Bioanalytical Chemist, Folsom, CA (10.4) Click here

Field Service Engineer, Pathology, New Orleans (10.4) Click here

     Manufacturing Chemist, 2nd Shift, Frederick, CO (10.4) Click here

Manufacturing Scientist, Cedar Creek, TX (10.4) Click here

   Senior Scientist, Analytical Chemistry (9.28) Click here

   Senior Associate Scientist, Analytical Chemistry (9.28) Click here

   Associate Scientist, Analytical Chemistry (9.28) Click here

   Scientist to develop protein-based products (10.21) Click here

Government/Non-Profit Openings 

     Centers for Chemical Innovation Postdoc Fellowships (10.29) Click here

    Senior Scientist 1 or 2 (10.8) Click here
   Assistant Professor of Chemistry (10.4) Click here

     Director (10.2) Click here

   Technology Intern (10.1) Click here

   Ford Foundation Fellowship Programs (11.21)  Click here 

   NRC Research Associateship Programs (10.18)  Click here

   Air Force Science and Technology Fellowship (10.18) Click here

University Openings   

                      Faculty Position, Experimental Physical Chemistry (10.22) Click here

                        Two Tenure-Track Faculty Positions in Chemical Biology (10.21) Click here

                    Assistant Professor, Biochemistry (10.22) Click here

                     Teaching Assistant Professor, General Chemistry (10.21) Click here

                        Assistant Professor, Theoretical Chemistry (10.21) Click here

                          Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Chemistry (10.21) Click here      

                            Full Time Faculty Position, Chemistry (10.21) Click here

                      Assistant Professor of Chemistry (10.19) Click here

                       Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Polymer or Materials (10.17) Click here

                       Computational Chemistry (11.17) Click here 

                      Assistant Professor, Organic Chemistry (10.17) Click here

                     Fellowship Opportunity (10.17) Click here

                 Chemistry and Biochemistry (10.17) Click here

                 Tenure-Track, Theoretical Chemistry (11.16) Click here

                 Tenure-Track, Analytical Science (11.16) Click here

                 Tenure-Track, Cancer Drug Discovery (11.16) Click here 

                  Chemical Engineering, Tenure-Track (12.11) Click here

                 Chemical Engineering/Materials, All Ranks (10.10) Click here

                Tenure-Line Faculty, All Ranks, Pharmaceutical Chemistry(10.10) Click here

\                  Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor of Chemistry (10.10) Click here

            Assistant Professor of Chemistry (10.4) Click here

                   Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry Dept. (10.8) Click here

                     Research Scientist/Engineer, Staff, Senior, Principal Levels (10.3) Click here

                        Assistant Professor, Chemistry (10.2) Click here

               Assistant Laboratory Professor, Organic Chemistry (10.2) Click here

               Assistant Professor, Physical Chemistry (10.2) Click here

                  Chemistry & Biochemistry Teacher-Scholars (10.1) Click here

         Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer (10.1) Click here

               Lecturer in Chemistry and Biochemistry (10.1) Click here

                   Tenure-Track Position, Chemistry (10.1) Click here

                     Tenured   Faculty Position in Chemistry (9.30) Click here

                     Assistant Professor of Chemistry (9.30) Click here

                  Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, Inorganic Chemistry (9.30) Click here

             Assistant Professor (9.28) Click here

          Asst/Assoc Professor, Dept, Molecular Metabolism (11.28) Click here

            Full-Time, Tenure-Stream Position, Analytical Chemistry (10.5) Click here

       Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, Inorganic Chemistry (10.20) Click here
       Tenured Associate Professor, Inorganic Chemistry (10.20) Click here

           Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, Analytical Chemistry (10.20) Click here

   Tenured or Tenure-Track Professor (10.20) Click here   Apply here

      Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, Organic Chemistry (10.4) Click here