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If you are an employer interested in posting a job or internship please visit the Corporate/Academic Partners page 

Corporate Openings    

       Senior Scientist, Cheminformatics (6.12) Click here

       Founding, Chief Financial and Operating Officer (6.6) Click here   

       Process Development Scientist I (6.6) Click here

       Lead Scientist I, Discovery (Chemistry, Natural Products Innovation) (6.6) Click here

       Senior Scientist, Process Chemistry (6.6) Click here

Government/Non-Profit Openings 

     C&EN Production Editor (6.13) Click here

     Portfolio Manager, Student Experiences (6.5) Click here

    Postdoctoral Fellowships (7.3)  Click here

    Analytical Chemist for Organic Containments, Food Environment Systems (5.28) Click here

    Chief, Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics (6.28)  Click here

    Director, System Evaluation Division (5.23) Click here

    ARL Distinguished Program Postdoctoral Fellowships (5.31) Click here

    Walter Massey PhD Fellowship (6.2) Click here

Academic Openings          

      Head of Chemistry, Associate or Full Professor Competition (6.17) Click here

      Visiting Assistant Professor, Physical Chemistry (6.17) Click here

      Chair, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine (7.11) Click here

       Lecturer, Department of Chemistry (6.10) Click here

       Lecturer (Non-Tenure Track) (6.6) Click here

       Instructor, Organic Chemistry (7.6) Click here

       Postdoctoral Research Associate, Div. Chemical/Biological Sciences (6.5) Click here

       Visiting Assistant Professors/Teaching Postdoc Fellows (6.3) Click here

      Visiting Position, Physical Chemistry (5.29) Click here

      Visiting Assistant Professor, Biochemistry (5.31) Click here

      Inorganic Chemistry Postdoctoral Researcher (5.27) Click here

      Assistant Professor, Chemistry (5.26) Click here

     Postdoctoral Associate Lecturer, Department of Chemistry (5.23) Click here

     Visiting Assistant Professor, Organic Chemistry (5.21) Click here