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Corporate Openings   

   Associate Manager, Chemistry (1.31) Click here  

    Sr. Research Chemist I, Coating Formulation/App. Expert (1.17) Click here

    Asst. Scientist, Color Innovation (12.11) Click here

    Assoc. Dir./Dir./Sr. Dir., Medicinal Chemistry (12.12) Click here

    Senior Scientist, Fermentation (12.10) Click here

 Staff Research Scientist, Pigment Spec. (12.5) Click here

 Sr. Research Scientist, Materials Validation (12.5) Click here

    Sr. Engineer 1, Materials & Coatings (12.3) Click here

    Sr. Process Engineer (2.28) Click here

    Sr. Research Assoc., Analytical Development (2.28) Click here

    Senior Scientist, Taste & Sensory (11.28) Click here

    R&D Process Engineer (12.14) Click here  

Government/Non-Profit Openings 

         Accelerator Associate (12.19) Click here

         DEIR Data Analyst (12.18) Click here

         NRC Research Associateship Programs  (1.17) Click here

         Air Force Science & Technology Fellowships (1.17) Click here

         Lead Air Quality, Meteorologist/Modeler (12.4) Click here

        Senior Biomedical Research, Scientist 1 (11.25) Click here

        Chemistry Chair (11.25) Click here

        Fellowships in Scientific Research & Conservation (12.3) Click here

       Ford Foundation Fellowship, NRC (12.15) Click here

 Academic Openings    

    Env. Data Science Faculty Cohort (7 Openings) (12,31) Click here

     Asst. Professor, Practice, Chemistry (1.29) Click here

     Assistant Professor, Env. Health Sciences (12.29) Click here

    Tenure-Track Instructor, Chemistry (1.29) Click here

    Organic Chemistry Lab Coordinator (12.23) Click here

    Two Tenure-Track Asst. Professors (12.18) Click here

    Dean, School of Engineering (12.18) Click here
     Biosoft Lithography Engineer (12.18) Click here

     Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Tenure-Track (12.18) Click here

     Asst. Professor, Chemistry, Analytical (12.17) Click here

    Chair & Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry (12.17) Click here

     Asst. Professors, Exp. & Theoretical/Comp. Chemistry (12.12) Click here

     Assistant Professor, Inorganic Chemistry (12.12) Click here

     Department Chair (1.11) Click here

     Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemistry (12.12) Click here

     Tenure-Stream, Asst. Professor, Experimental Chem. (12.10) Click here

     Tenure-Track, Inorganic Chemistry (1.5) Click here

      Instructional Professor, Chemistry, Open-Rank (2.5) Click here

      Open-Rank, Dept. of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering (12.5) Click here

       Lecturer in Chemistry (12.4) Click here

       Tenure-Track, Asst. Professor, Biological Engineering (12.4) Click here

       Open-Rank, Tenure-Track or Tenured Position (1.3) Click here

       Tenured/Tenure-Track Opening, Drug Resistance (12.2) Click here

       Tenure-Track, Asst. Professor, Chemistry (12.2) Click here

      Tenure-Track, Assoc. or Full Professor (12.1) Click here

      Asst./Assoc. Professor, Chemical Biology (12.1) Click here

     Asst. Professor, Computational/Physical Chemistry (12.1) Click here

     Multiple Openings (2.28) Click here

    Open-Rank, Chemical Engineering (11.29) Click here

    Asst./Assoc. Professor, Tenure-Track, Chemistry (11.29) Click here

       Senior Associate Dean (11.29) Click here

       Assistant Professor in Residence (11.27) Click here

       Assistant Professor, Chemistry (11.27) Click here

       Assistant Professor, Biochemistry (11.27) Click here

       Asst./Assoc. Professor, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Sciences (12.27) Click here

       Assistant Professor (12.27) Click here

       Assistant Professor, Chemistry (11.26) Click here

       Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Soft Matter Engineering (1.26) Click here

       Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Bioengineering (1.26) Click here

       Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor (11.22) Click here

       Lecturer, Engineering (11.22) Click here

      Chemical Engineering (12.22) Click here

      Assistant or Associate Professor (11.22) Click here

    Tenure-Track, Open-Rank, Environmental Engineering (12.22) Click here

      Computational Biologist (11.22) Click here

      Biophysics Assistant Professor (11.22) Click here

     Tenure-Track, Asst. Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry (12.20) Click here

    Asst. Professors, Tenure-Track (12.18) Click here

   Openings in Functional Nanomaterials/Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, & Bioanalytical Chemistry (12.11) Click here

   Lecturer, General Chemistry (12.11) Click here

   Asst./Assoc. Professor, Exp. Physical Chemistry (12.11) Click here

   Open Rank, Chemical and Biological Eng. (12.8) Click here    

   Associate Chair, Chemical/Biomolecular Engineering (12.8) Click here

     Faculty Positions in Chemistry (12.5) Click here

     Assistant Professor, Chemistry (12.4) Click here

     Asst. Professor, Computational Chemistry (12.4) Click here 


     Asst. Professor, Bioinspired Materials (12.4) Click here

     Assistant Professor, Biochemistry (12.4) Click here     

    Chemical & Biomolecular Eng. Opening (12.4) Click here

    Faculty Opening, Computational Drug Discovery (11.29) Click here

    Tenure-Track Positions, Biochemistry (11.24) Click here

      Assistant Professor, Analytical Chemistry (11.22) Click here 

       Tenure-Track, Asst. Professor Openings (12.3) Click here