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$750 for 90 days

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Corporate Opening 

Gilead, Associate Director, Inflammation (11.4) Click here 

Government/Non-Profit Opening 

San Francisco Estuary Institute, Environmental Analyst and Environmental Scientist (10.25) Click here

Faculty Opening  

Tenured, Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University (11.17) Click here

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Francis Marion University (11.16) Click here

University of Kentucky, Assistant Professor of Chemistry (12.16) Click here

Assistant Professor, Analytical Chemistry, California State University, Los Angeles (11.16) Click here

University of North Carolina, Greensboro, Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, Chemical Education (11.15) Click here

Bowling  Green State University, Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Interface of Biochemistry and Photoscience (11.15) Click here

University of North Carolina, Charlotte, Tenured/Tenure-Track, Assistant/Associate Professor, Physical Chemistry (11.9) Click here

Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Computational or Theoretical Chemistry, University of Florida (11.9) Click here

Lecturer, 12-month (renewable), Non-Tenure, General Chemistry, University of Florida (11.9) Click here

Two, Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Energy and Catalysis, University of Florida (11.9) Click here

Lecturer, Organic Chemistry, 12-month (renewable), Non-Tenure, University of Florida (11.9) Click here

University of Florida, 12-month (renewable), Non-Tenure/Open Rank, General Chemistry (11.9) Click here

Research Associate Professor, University of Chicago (11.9) Click here

Assistant/Associate Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry, City College of New York (11.9) Click here

Weiss Instructor of Chemistry, Non-Tenure Track, Rice University (1.1.20) Click here

Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Computational/Theoretical Chemistry, Wake Forest University (11.9) Click here

Case Western, Tenure-Track, Assistant/Associate Professor, Computational/Theoretical Chemistry (11.9) Click here

Tenure-Track Position, Fermentation Sciences, Appalachian State University (11.9) Click here

Assistant Professor, Organic Chemistry, University of Arkansas (11.9) Click here

Tenure-Track, Biochemistry Position, University of Hartford (11.8) Click here

St. Lawrence University, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Tenure-Track (11.5) Click here

Post-Doctoral Researchers, Genomic and Phenomic Adaptation (11.5) Click here

Penn State, Faculty Opening, Chemical Engineering (11.4) Click here 

University of Alabama, Assistant or Associate Professor, Inorganic Chemistry (11.2) Click here

University of South Carolina, Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Computational Polymer Chemistry (11.2) Click here

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, State University of New York (11.2) Click here

Marquette University, Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Physical Chemistry (12.2) Click here

Assistant Adjunct Professor Openings for the 2019 Boyer/Cram/Libby Teacher-Scholar Program, UCLA (11.2) Click here

Opening, Computational Science, Quantum Level for Catalysis and Materials, Stanford School of Engineering (12.1) Click here

Academic Coordinator, NWR and Optical Spectroscopy, University of California, Riverside (11.1) Click here

Department of Chemistry, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, DNA/RNA Delivery, Department of Chemistry (11.1) Click here 

Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (11.1) Click here

Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Northwestern University (11.1) Click here

Chemistry Lab Instructor (8-month renewable term) (10.27) Click here

Dean, College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Cincinnati (10.27) Click here

Biophysics Cluster, University of Utah (11.27) Click here

Faculty Position, Polymer and Soft Matter Chemistry, University of Delaware (10.27) Click here

Bowdoin College, Tenure-Track, Physical Chemistry (10.25) Click here

Technical Instructor, MIT (10.25) Click here

Two Tenure-Track or Tenured Assistant/Associate Professor Positions, Computational and Systems Biology, Indiana University, Bloomington (10.25) Click here 

Agnes Scott College, Assistant Professor, Non-Tenure-Track, Organic Chemistry/Related Areas (10.25) Click here

Tenure-Track, Assistant or Associate Professor, Organic Chemistry, San Francisco State University (10.25) Click here

Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, Analytical Chemistry, California State University Northridge (10.20) Click here

Tenure-Track Geochemistry and Environmental Science Position, Hope College (10.19) Click here

Polymer Synthesis, Faculty Opening, Virginia Tech (10.18) Click here

Faculty Position in Chemistry, Virginia Tech (10.18) Click here

Natural Sciences Professoriate-Track Faculty Research Fellowship (2019-2021) (12.18) Click here

Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Bioinorganic Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (10.16) Click here

Professor of Biochemistry (Open-Rank), Soka University of America (11.15) Click here

Soka University of America, Assistant Professor of Mathematics (11.5) Click here

Institute for Molecular Engineering and Biological Sciences, University of Chicago, Multiple Openings, Assistant/Associate/Professor, Caner Biology/ Bioengineering and Immunology/Immunoengineerig (12.10) Click here

Soka University of America, Professor of Molecular and/or Cell Biology (Open-Rank) (11.5) Click here

Opening, Neuroscience/Chemical Biology Cluster, University of Utah (11.7) Click here

University of Utah, Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor of Chemistry (Disciplined-Based Education Research) (10.31) Click here

Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry/Bioanalytical Chemistry, Allegheny College (10.31) Click here

Assistant Professor in Chemistry, Quantum Materials and Technology Cluster, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (10.31) Click here

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Assistant Professor in Chemistry (10.30) Click here

New York University, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry (10.28) Click here

Tenure-Track, All Ranks, Department of Chemistry, School of Natural Sciences, St. Edward's University (10.27) Click here

Assistant Professor, Physical Chemistry, Oakland University (10.24) Click here

Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor Molecular Engineering, Institute for Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago (11.20) Click here

Tenure-Track Faculty Position, Junior Level, Stanford University, Department of Chemical Engineering (11.20) Click here

Tenure-Track Position, Analytical Chemistry, University of Utah (10.17) Click here

Chemistry, and will Excel at Teaching Undergraduate and Ph.D. Curricula (11.13) Click here

Spelman College Seeks Assistant Associate or Full Professor of Chemistry (11.10) Click here