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Corporate Openings 

        Research Associate II, Immunology (4.27) Click here

        Scientist II, Assay Automation & Compound Scree(4.27) 
Click here

        Senior Scientist II, Cell Line Development Dept. (4.27) Click here

        Scientist II, Drug Product Process & Formulations. (4.27) Click here

        Sr. Research Associate Drug Product Process & Formulations (4.27) Click here

        Sr. Scientist I, Analytical Development (Protein Chemistry) (4.27) Click here

Government/Non-Profit Openings 

        Communications and Development Management (4.23) Click here

        Asst. Director, Student and PostDoc Scholar Development (4.13) Click here

        NWQL Analytics Services Chief (4.7) Click here

        Asst. Scientist (Built Heritage Research) (3.31) Click here

        Asst. Scientist (Preventive Conservation Research) (3.31) Click here

        Asst. Scientist (Technical Studies Research) (3.31) Click here

        Air Force Science & Technology Fellowship Program (4.16) Click here

        Postdoctoral Research Associates (4.16) Click here

Academic Openings

        Lecturer (4.30) Click here   Apply

       Visiting Assistant Professor (4.27) Click here
       Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry (4.27) Click here
       Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemistry (4.27) Click here
        Asst. Professor, Chemistry, Tenure-Track (4.16) Click here

        Instructor, Chemistry (4.15) Click here  
        Chair, Energy Efficiency (5.13) Click here
        Tenure-Track, Asst. Professor, Biochemistry (5.13) Click here
        Tenure-Track, Asst. Professor, Polymer (5.13) Click here
        Professor of Practice (4.7) Click here

        Chemistry Professor (4.7) Click here
       Open-Rank, Science (4.7) Click here
       Asst. Professor, Biochemistry (4.3) Click here

       Visiting Asst. Professor, Organic Chemistry (4.3) Click here

        Director, Science Scholars Program (4.3) Click here

        Chemical Engineering, Teaching Track (4.3) Click here
        Asst. Professor, Chemistry (Tenure-Track) (5.3) Click here
          Chair, Energy Efficiency (4.7) Click here