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Corporate Openings

Scientist 2, Global MSAT Gene Therapy Center of Excellence (12.15) Click here

Government/Non-Profit Openings

    Air Force Science & Technology, Postdoctoral Research Fellows (1,17) Click here

    NRC Postdoctoral Research Associates (1,17) Click here

    Division Director, Chemistry (1.19) Click here

     2023-2024 Fellowships (12.9) Click here

Academic Openings

           Senior Laboratory Educator (1.4) Click here

          Tenure Track Asst./Assoc. Professor, Computational Chemistry (1.4) Click here

         Chemistry, Tenure-Track (12.30) Click here

        Assistant or Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry (12.20) Click here

        Instructor of Chemistry (12.17) Click here

        Asst. Professor, Career-Track (Teaching) (12.15) Click here

       Asst. Professor, Tenure-Track, Computational Mathematics/Physics (1.15) Click here

       Professor and Department Chair (1.11) Click here

      Tenure-Track, Quantum Science/Engineering  (12.10) Click here

     Asst. Professor Openings, Advanced Materials (12.10) Click here

     Asst. Professor Openings, Advanced Materials (12.10) Click here

     Fellowship Opportunity (12.10) Click here

      Assistant Professor (12.9) Click here

      Asst. Professor, Tenure-track - Dept. Chemical/Biomolecular Engineering (12.9) Click here

      Visiting Lecturer, Chemistry (12.9) Click here

      Chemistry Lecturer (12.5) Click here

      Assistant Professor, Chemistry (12.6) Click here

      Tenure Track Positions, Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry (12.3) Click here

       Tenure-track, Biochemistry/Biology (12.6) Click here

        Lecturer (1.1) Click here

        Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, Chemistry (12.1) Click here

      Asst. Professor, Analytical Chemistry, Tenure Track (12.27) Click here

       Asst./Assoc. Professor, Organic Chemistry, Tenure-Track (12.27) Click here    

      Assistant Professor, Chemistry (1.23) Click here

      Open-Rank, Tenured/Tenure-Track, Healthy Aging (1.23) Click here

   Assistant Professor, Biochemistry (12.19) Click here

  Department Chair, Professor, Chemistry (11.17) Click here

  Two Assoc. Professor Openings (11.17) Click here

  Asst. Professor, Chemistry (11.17) Click here

  Asst./Assoc. Professor (12.13) Click here

   Asst. Professor, Organic Chemistry (11.19) Click here

  Asst. Professor,j Tenure-Track (12.13) Click here

  Open-Rank, Chemical Engineering - Food, Water, Energy Nexus (11.13) Click here

Open-Rank, Tenure-Track, Dept. Chemical & Biomolecular Eng. (12.12) Click here

 Contract Faculty, Dept. of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (12.4) Click here

  Chair, Chemical Engineering (12.4) Click here