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Government/Non-Profit Opening  

National Mile High Magnetic Field Laboratory Maglab Research Faculty Position in Preclinical and Materials MRI (10.12) Click here

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory Maglab Research Faculty Position, RF, Engineering for in Preclinical MRI/S (10.12) Click here

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory Ion Cyclotron Resonance Research Faculty Position (9.26) Click here

Applications Being Accepted for Maria Goeppert Mayer Fellowship, Argonne National Laboratory (10.15) Click here

University Openings  

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Tenure-Track Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Computational Materials Chemistry (10.17) Click here

Organic Chemistry, University of Georgia (11.17) Click here

Experimental Physical Chemistry, Senior Faculty Position, Northwestern University (10.17) Click here

University of Vermont, Assistant Professor,  Tenure-Track (10.16) Click here

Tenure-Track Faculty Positions, NC State University (11.15) Click here

Biochemistry/Medicinal Chemistry, Tenure-Track, UNC Greensboro (10.12) Click here

Visiting Lecturer, Chemistry, Wellesley College (10.13) Click here

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Auburn University (10.13) Click here

(Tenure-Track, Organic Chemistry, IUPUI (10.11) Click here

Columbia University, Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track (10.10) Click here

Inorganic Chemistry, Tenure-Track, Carnegie-Mellon (10.10) Click here
Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Biology, University of Missouri (10.10) Click here

Assistant Professor, Tenure-Stream, Bio-inorganic or Materials, University of Toronto, Mississauga (11.9) Click here

Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Inorganic or Computational Chemistry, Tufts University (10.9) Click here

Case Western, Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Chemistry (10.6) Click here

University of Minnesota, Dept. of Chemical Engineering/Materials Science, Tenure-Track (11.4) Click here

Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Inorganic Chemistry, Tulane University (10.4) Click here

Wesleyan University, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, Dept. of Molecular Biology/Biochemistry (10.4) Click here

Boston College Chemistry Department, Two Tenure-Track Openings (9.30) Click here

Associate/Assistant Professor, Materials Chemistry/Thermochemistry, Arizona State University (9.30) Click here

Indiana University, Bloomington, Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department (9.30) Click here

Assistant Professor, Biochemistry, Barnard College (9.30) Click here

William and Mary, Assistant Professor of Chemistry (10.30) Click here

Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry, Georgetown University (10.30) Click here

University of Michigan, Chemistry Faculty, Tenure-Track (9.30) Click here

University of Cincinnati, Tenure-Track, Bioanalytical and Related Fields (9.30) Click here

Analytical Chemistry Faculty, University of Colorado, Denver (9.29) Click here

Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry (Organic) Tenure-Track, Oberlin College (9.27) Click here

Wofford College, Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor of Chemistry (10.15) Click here

Valdosta State University, Chemistry Department Head (9.26) Click here

Colorado College, Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Tenure-Track (9.26) Click here

St. Francis, Tenure-Track, Chemistry Faculty (9.26) Click here

University of Pennsylvania, Assistant Professor, Organic Chemistry (9.23) Click here

Assistant Professor, Organic ad Organic Materials Chemistry, University of California Riverside (9.23) Click here

Boston University, Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, Synthetic, Inorganic or Organometallic Chemistry (9.22) Click here

University of Pittsburgh, Assistant Professor of Chemistry (9,.22( Click here

Chemistry, Assistant Professor, Northwestern University (9.22) Click here

Brandeis University, Chemistry Faculty Position (9.20) Click here

University of Buffalo, Assistant Professor, Experimental Chemical Biology, Tenure-Track (9.19) Click here

Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Chemistry of Sustainability, University of Buffalo  (9.19) Click here

Prtizker School of Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago, Multiple Faculty Positions  (11.15) Click here

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, The University of Chicago (10.13) Click here

Syracuse University, Assistant Professor, Medicinal Chemistry (11.6) Click here

Assistant Professor, Computational Chemistry, Syracuse University (11.8) Click here

Assistant Professor, Chemistry, St. Edward's University (10.6) Click here

Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, Stanford (10.5) Click here

Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Williams College (10.6) Click here

Tenure-Track Faculty Positions, Analytical and Materials Chemistry (10.2) Click here

Open Rank, Professor, Biochemistry, Soka University (9.18) Click here