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Becoming a High Performing Organization


Based on research and writings on high performance organizations, and adjusting for the association perspective, a high performance association possesses the following key characteristics:

  • Vision and mission are shared and owned by all stakeholders
  • Strategy is performance-based, clear and mapped to ensure individuals and members of teams turn vision and mission into action and results
  • Goals are challenging and make a difference to the way in which work is completed
  • Teamwork is effective and empowered
  • Better business practices are used to secure efficient organizational practices which are driven by focusing on:
    • Member and employee satisfaction,
    • Fiscal and operational accountability
    • Quality
  • Strong emphasis is placed on performance measurement using key performance indicators

High performance associations have a culture of continuous improvement and strong leadership that believes the association should be a learning organization and should develop and provide the necessary competencies to get things done. With the right competencies, individuals and teams develop a commitment and apply the right tools to achieve desired quality and satisfaction levels.

The above characteristics can often be measured by specific performance indicators such as these examples:

  • Fiscal targets met, i.e., accumulated surplus policy
  • Member retention and growth targets met
  • Strong and diverse volunteer targets met
  • Reduction in cycle time in dealing with significant and routine issues
  • Low staff turnover rate
  • Number of new innovative measures
  • Number of complaints or member service problems
  • Number of successful team efforts
  • New best practices implemented
  • Planning policy and process is complied with
  • Member input and satisfaction with strategic direction

Making it Happen

  • A powerful and strong commitment to the vision, mission, values, goals and strategy of the association by all
  • Effective and clear communication lines within the association from the Board down and from the member up
  • A culture of performance in which all want to meet the challenges set and they are regarded as outstanding
  • Leadership growing and developing with change
  • Use of strategic management, benchmarking for best practices and other key tools
  • Acquiring and engaging the necessary competencies to make it all happen

Check back soon to learn more about how NOBCChE is growing into HPO!



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