Coach Orientation: Coaches and mentors from each team will get the opportunity to discuss STEM week with the Co-chairs. The rules and expectations during the conferenced will be addressed. Coaches will learn about scoring and rubric guidelines for the science bowl and science fair posters.

Kickoff Luncheon: Participants of the STEM week are welcome to a new year full of fun and excitement. Teams will get to meet and discuss the agenda and expectations. Students and coaches will receive a keynote address that will encourage them about a life in science and a gateway to excellence.

Science Bowl Practice and Elimination Round: High school teams will compete in a thrilling round of questions varying from topics in Chemistry to Blacks in Science. Each team will complete a warm-up round followed by an elimination leaving the top 3 teams to advance. 

STEM Festival and Career Expo: Students will get the opportunity to view science demos by some of the most innovative minds across the country. Students will be exposed to experiments that display how science influences our everyday lives. They will get to learn about the college experience by speaking with representatives from various universities. 

Science Fair Competition: See some of the smartest young minds share their research. Projects will vary from Psychology to Biology as students will present posters displaying the scientific method and openly discussing their findings. 

Science Bowl Championship Round: It’s the time everyone awaits for; the final round. The top 3 teams compete to answer questions they have studied all year. Come find out who will take home the gold!   

Panel Discussion:  As high school students are getting ready to transition into college soon, it's nice to gain a new perspective. Students will get the opportunity to hear from a panel of young adults in undergrad and graduate schools. Sharing their journeys will help encourage students toward their bright future.

Theresa Gaines is an Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry at Delta State University in Cleveland, MS. Dr. Gaines has a passion for helping students feel empowered while learning chemistry. Her research interests include synthesis of small molecule CXCR4 inhibitors via reductive amination reactions. Dr. Gaines also designs and implements organic chemistry card games for active learning in class.