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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Master Scientist Series: Lloyd Ferguson Lecture

Dr. Fikile Brushett

Our Master Scientists, the recipients of NOBCChE awards, will be giving presentations on the research that resulted in their recognition by NOBCChE. Join us for this series! 

Lloyd Ferguson Lecture:  Advancing Porous Electrodes for Electrochemical Energy Systems

Electrochemical processes are poised to play a pivotal role in the evolving global power system as the efficient interconversion of electrical and chemical energy can enable the deployment of sustainable technologies that decarbonize the electric grid, power the automotive fleet, and offer new opportunities in chemical manufacturing.  Meeting these emerging energy needs requires transformational changes as the stringent performance, cost, and scale requirements cannot be met by today’s electrochemical systems.  Many leading electrochemical technologies (e.g., fuel cells, flow batteries, electrolyzers) leverage forced advection to increase volumetric productivity.  Of particular importance to these systems are porous electrodes, which are responsible for multiple critical functions related to thermodynamics, kinetics, and transport.  Specifically, they provide surfaces for electrochemical reactions, distribute fluids, as well as conduct electrons and heat.  However, there is limited knowledge on how to systematically design and implement these materials for new applications, often forcing the repurposing of available materials.  In my talk, I will describe methods for characterizing porous electrodes using model reactions, diagnostic platforms, and electrochemical modeling.  Using redox flow batteries and carbon dioxide electrolyzers as example systems, I will illustrate how the elucidation of structure-performance relations may guide the design of new materials with property profiles better suited for their intended application(s).


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