NOBCChE Fellow Award


This award recognizes the contributions of an influential individual over their whole career. This lifetime achievement award honors outstanding scientists or engineers that have made significant contributions through programming, projects, presentations, products, publications, service, and mentorship in the area of chemistry or chemical engineering for more than two decades.


 To be considered for the NOBCChE Fellow Award, nominees must:

  1. Be scientists or engineers (industry, government or academic professionals/educators).
  2. Have more than two decades of experience and service to NOBCChE.
  3. Have demonstrated impact through programming, projects, presentations, products, publications, service, and mentorship in chemistry or chemical engineering.


Each nomination submission should be supported by a letter of nomination, the nominee's CV, and up to five letters of recommendation that speak to the nominee's contributions in the areas outlined in the awards description. The nominations must be submitted electronically (as one PDF document) to [email protected] by 11:59 PM ET on March 15, 2023.

  • Letter of Nomination (1000 words or less). The letter of nomination should address the nominee's eligibility based on the criteria. The letter of nomination should include the name, address, and daytime telephone number of the nominee; the name, address, daytime telephone number, and signature of the nominator; and the names of the authors of the letters of recommendation.
  • Curriculum Vitae. The nominee's CV should detail education; work experience; work product; conferences presentations; service at the local, state, national, and international level; publications; and emphasize service to NOBCChE.
  • Letters of Recommendation (500 words or less). A minimum of two letters of recommendation must be included. Each of the categories (programming, projects, presentations, publications, service, and mentorship) should be addressed in at least one of the letters. Letters of support should emphasize the impact of the nominee on the writer and the distinction of the nominee's contributions to chemistry or chemical engineering.
  • Nominee's biographical sketch (2 pages max.)
Nominations not selected will be kept on file and reconsidered for the next two years. Nomination materials may be updated annually (optional).  Nominations may be withdrawn (by the nominators) at any time.