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$250 for 30 days
$500 for 60 days
$750 for 90 days

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Corporate Opening 

Lubrizol, Research Chemist, Chemical Synthesis (12.7) Click here 

Government/Non-Profit Opening 

Environmental Scientist, San Francisco Estuary Institute (12.14) Click here

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Earth Systems Scientist (12.9) Click here 

Faculty Opening  

James Madison University, Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track (1.7) Click here

Fordham University, Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry (2.7) Click here

Postdoctoral Position in Chemistry Education at the University of New Hampshire (1.4) Click here

University of Kansas, Assistant Professor, Bioanalytical Chemistry (1.4) Click here

Assistant Professor, Forensic Science, San Jose State University (12.21) Click here

Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Westfield State University (12.19) Click here

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Pharmacy, Purdue University (12.19) Click here

Indiana University, Two Non-Tenure-Track Lecturer Positions, Biochemistry, Chemical Biology, or Organic Chemistry (12.15) Click here

Santa Clara University, Post-Doctoral Fellow (12.12) Click here

Associate/Full and Assistant Professor, Environmental Toxicology, University of Delaware (12.12) Click here

Johns Hopkins University Seeks Applicants for Tenure-Track Faculty, All Levels/Areas, Materials Science and Materials Engineering (1.9) Click here

Western Michigan University, Faculty Specialist 1, Assistant/Associate Professor (12.9) Click here

Dean of College of Natural Science and Mathematics, University of Alaska, Fairbanks (12.5) Click here

Hellman Science and Technology Policy Fellowship, American Academy of Arts and Sciences (12.6) Click here

Post-Doctoral Researchers, Genomic and Phenomic Adaptation (12.5) Click here

University of Kentucky, Assistant Professor of Chemistry (12.16) Click here

Weiss Instructor of Chemistry, Non-Tenure Track, Rice University (1.1.20) Click here

Institute for Molecular Engineering and Biological Sciences, University of Chicago, Multiple Openings, Assistant/Associate/Professor, Caner Biology/ Bioengineering and Immunology/Immunoengineerig (12.10) Click here