General Award Nomination Criteria 


All nomination materials should be submitted as a single pdf file. The subject line of the email should include the title of the award followed by the nominee’s name. Self-nomination is encouraged. The nomination package should include the items listed below. Additional information regarding the letter of recommendation and letters of support is outlined.

  • Letter of recommendation  (1000 words or less)
  • 2 Letters of support  (500 words or less each)
  • Brief list of nominee’s most significant accomplishments: publications, products, patents, achievements, awards, promotion, etc. (max 20)
  • Nominee’s biographical sketch (2 pages)

The letter of recommendation and additional letters of support should be sure to address the following:

  • nominee meets the specific eligibility requirements of the award described on the awards’ website;
  • alignment of nominee’s work with the award’s purpose, eligibility, and/or criteria;
  • significance and impact of this work in chemistry or chemical engineering;
  • impact and benefits of the work on society (or potential); and,
  • service to the scientific community, if not already stated. 


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