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DuPont will be hosting a one-day seminar series and oral presentation at the 2019 NOBCChE National Conference on November 18, 2019 in St. Louis, MO. The theme of this year’s sponsored conference session will be “Your Science in 2035”. Participants will give an oral presentation on their research, competing to win $1000 and a guaranteed interview with a DuPont recruiter. Each participant will be invited to an all-expense paid dinner on the evening of the competition for an opportunity to network with DuPont recruiters and learn more about life in industry.


DuPont’s GOLD (Growth Opportunities Leading in Diversity) Program

This collaborative initiative supports DuPont’s commitment to a diverse work force and is the first installment of DuPont’s GOLD (Growth Opportunities Leading in Diversity) program, a new platform geared towards exposing doctoral and post-doctoral scientists from underrepresented groups to the wide range of career opportunities in industrial research at DuPont.




Open to all graduate students or postdocs pursuing degrees in chemistry, chemical engineering, material science or closely related fields.


Application Materials and Guidelines                                                                

1. One-page resume

2. One- to two-page research summary

3. 500-word abstract describing research accomplishments and potential technological impacts in 2035


Application Deadline

Submit all materials to: [email protected] by July 31st, 2019      


Participation in this conference session neither obligates the participant to apply for employment or guarantees future consideration for employment by DuPont.