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Usage Agreement

The trademarks of the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers, Inc. ("NOBCChE") (pronounced no-be-shay) serve as a source identifier in connection with our services as a professional organization, and help to distinguish said professional services from other organizations. The value, goodwill and commercial magnetism of NOBCChE and its trademarks are critical assets that support and sustain the organization's national success. If used properly, NOBCChE's valuable and distinctive trademarks can be kept forever. However, with improper use, we will lose the impact and distinctiveness of our trademarks as advertising tools, and we could also run the risk of losing one or more of our trademarks altogether.

Because of the importance of the NOBCChE 's trademarks, it is the policy of NOBCChE that all employees, personnel, Chapter members, individual members, affiliates, directors, officers and other persons under the direction or control of NOBCChE to help safeguard and protect our trademarks, and be aware of and follow the rules and guidelines for proper use of NOBCChE's trademarks. These policies, guidelines and procedures (hereinafter "Trademark Policy") use should be followed to ensure consistent use and continued protection of our trademarks. The Trademark Policy applies regardless of whether a proposed use of NOBCChE's trademarks is internal or external.

Because the implications of such uses and their possible legal consequences could vary from use to use, all such exceptions, any proposed variations of any trademarks and all other proposed uses of trademarks that are inconsistent with the policies contained in this Trademark Policy must be approved by the Executive Board of NOBCChE or legal counsel.

Use of the NOBCChE logo and any associated branding is governed by the NOBCChE Trademark Policy Guidelines. For more information, contact Tim O'Neill.

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