2020 Henry Hill Award Recognition & Lecture

Highlights from Joint Northeast NOBCChE and Northeast ACS Regions meeting featuring the 2020 Hill Award Recognition and Lecture 

NESACS members, NENOBCChE members and guests, including Dr. and Mrs. Cato Laurencin (at right)
enjoying dinner before Hill Award Recognition and Lecture. 

Dr. Charlotte Allerton, Head of Medicine Design at Pfizer, welcomed meeting participants and described the impact of the sponsors' products on pharmaceutical development. 


Dr. Dorothy Phillips, with her family, receives the 2020 Henry Hill Award on behalf of her late husband James E. Phillips, from NESACS Coordinator Thomas R. Gilbert


Dr. Cato Laurencin delivers Henry Hill Lecture describing the exciting work his group pioneered using functional biomimetic materials to advance tissue repair and regeneration.


Left:  NOBCChE Board Members, Drs. Sharon Neal and Victoria Parker, Henry Hill Lecturer Dr. Cato Laurencin and his wife Mrs. Cynthia Laurencin, and NESACS representatives, Drs. Anna Sromek, Michael Filosa, and Thomas Gilbert, join Dr. Dorothy Phillips and her family to commemorate the Henry Hill Award Recognition and Lecture. Right:  Dr. Anna Sromek, (left), NESACS Chair, and Dr. Sharon Neal (middle), NENOBCChE chair, chat with Dr. Laurencin after his lecture.