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NOBCCHE has developed interactive partnerships over the past three decades with corporate, academic and government entities to generate expanded programs, fellowships and other developmental opportunities to build an eminent, inclusive community of chemists, chemical engineers and other scientists. The limited numbers of African Americans in science-intensive domains have been highly productive in spite of severe historic underrepresentation (see African American Inventors From the 18th to the 21st Century), which has resulted in a chronic condition of minimal diversity in academic, corporate and government professional talent pools available to develop emerging intellectual constructs and apply creative, practical solutions to local, national and global technical challenges.

The partnerships generate channels for students and young professionals to experience educational and research opportunities that may otherwise have been beyond the realm of probability and as a result enhance the technical proficiency of  humanity. Established partnerships include the following categories:

Program and/or Exhibitor Partnerships - Collaborative resources to establish programs to address mutually beneficial outcomes in inclusive development of chemistry, chemical engineering and related scientific talent to increase the population, proficiency and impact of the technical talent pool. Exhibitor partnerships to cultivate awareness, mutually beneficial relationships and opportunities among corporate, academic and government institutions and the students and professionals who will develop ideas, products and emerging concepts that translate into an ongoing competitive edge.

Undergraduate/Graduate Student Sponsorships - Support students attending the conference to present technical papers, conduct poster presentations, participate in technical seminars and workshops, and to meet and interview with companies for internships and employment. A sponsorship includes airfare, lodging, and meals.

High School Student Sponsorships - Students from across the United States participate in the Science Fair and Science Bowl. A sponsorship includes airfare, lodging, and meals.

Teacher Sponsorships - Science teachers from the local area convene at the conference for a one-day workshop that is designed to increase their scientific knowledge and skills. The workshop includes a discussion on the issues and needs of secondary teachers in the next millennium. Funds will be needed for registration, the luncheon, and training supplies.

Fellowships and Scholarships - Funds to assist and encourage undergraduate and graduate students who are attending institutions of higher learning to seek careers in the sciences; to include, chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, and other related scientific disciplines, and funds to assist and encourage secondary students to attend the National Conference.

If you have an interest in partnering with NOBCChE to sponsor or finance current activities, or to develop a new  fellowship, award or program, contact the NOBCChE President Dr. Judson Haynes.

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